Maker Cat for Maker Cloud

I’ve just completed a comic series for Berlin based Start-up Maker Cloud. The first episode, written by Lutz from Maker Cloud, sees Maker Cat arriving in Berlin via mitfahrgelegenheit and discovering the maker scene of the city. Featuring the Pokket Mixer. 


For Autostraddle’s Bra Week HD
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I’ve been making an NHS themed card game. It’s called Losing My Bloody Patients, and you can play as a patient, a doctor, or a tory mp.
Key Objectives
Patient: Get treatment, hope your referral doesn’t go missing due to an admin error
Doctor: Treat patients, secure services
MP: Cut everyone’s funding, privatise as many services as possible HD
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Poster design for the CAHA Postgraduate Colloquium
Client: Department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology, University of Birmingham HD
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Feature in Kaltblut Magazine

Autostraddle is Five! HD
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Header illustration for Stef’s Captain’s Log on Autostraddle HD
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Illustration for ‘A Message From The Future’ article by Paris Lees, Diva Magazine HD
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Illustration for ‘I Love Women’s Bodies’ article by Anna Samson, Diva Magazine
Art Director: Louise Carolin
Layout: Fernando Safont HD
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